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How to apply ? UPEC Application forms and guidelines - Incoming programme exchange students

Dear student,

You have been nominated as an exchange student for UPEC University for the coming academic year. This webpage contains instructions on how to apply to the Faculty of Science and Technology at UPEC University.

Application deadlines

> Winter semester: mid-June
> Spring semester: mid-November

To apply, there are 3 easy steps. Please follow them carefully.

Step 1: Register online (on Moveon platform)

Step 2: The learning agreement

a) Download the learning agreement from your home University
- Complete the form (with your computer)
- Have it signed by your educational coordinator
- Scan it and send it to admin.international-sciences@u-pec.fr

b) To find the right courses, refer to the following files regarding your situation
i. Undergraduate / Bachelor / Licence 1re, 2e et 3e année
> Bachelor's degree programmes taught in French

ii. Postgraduate / Master’s degree / Master 1 (1st year) et Master 2 (2nd year)
> Master's degree programmes taught in French and English

iii. International programs and courses in English
> More info

Important : to the applicants for a Master 2nd year / Send to the UPEC educational coordinator a CV (résumé) and a cover letter due to restricted access

If you need assistance, contact the educational coordinator of each year programme

Step 3: Documents to send before coming to UPEC University

Once your Learning agreement is signed by all parts, please send to admin.international-sciences@u-pec.fr the following documents:
- ID Picture
- Copy of Insurance card
- Copy of Student card
- Copy of ID

Once those 3 steps are completed, you’ll be contacted by the international office of the faculty of Sciences and technology to set an appointment before the beginning of the semester.

For any information on student life please refer to the following webpage