Courses taught in English

Bachelor’s Level

UPEC Faculty of Science and Technology proposes two international study programmes at Bachelor’s level:
BSc in Chemistry-Biology and BSc in Biology and Health Sciences.

In the framework of these so-called international study programmes, students go abroad on mobility to study in one of our partner universities during the third year of studies.

The students from the international study programmes have the possibility to enroll one of the double degree programmes developed with partner universities.

Master's Level

• MSc in Environmental Sciences and Engineering
This Master programme proposes a broad-based and multidisciplinary curriculum in the field of Environmental Sciences aiming at training specialists to fully grasp the array of environmental issues in all their complexity.

• MSc in Mathematics and Informatics
This study programme consists in a specialized courses at the egde of mathematics and computer sciences. Each course is taught jointly by at least a mathematician and a computer scientist. Specific scholarships are awarded every year to support the study period of international students at our Faculty. 

• MSc in Optics, Vision, Image and Multimedia, specializing in Biometrics
The students enrolled in this programme will deal with medical and healthcare oriented biometrics, as well as with security and mobile biometrics.

MSc in Integrative Biology and OMICs technologies
This study programme aims at training specialists able to work in the fields of Medical and Environmental Biology using new tools for the discovery of new targets and biological markes in order to better understand and more effectively manage the complexity of living systems.