Student life - Useful contacts and websites

Visa and Residence Permit

Non-EU students willing to stay more than 3 months in France must submit a request for a residence permit at the Prefecture. If needed, a UPEC Officer in charge of immigration related matters will provide you assistance.

Cost of living

Paris and its region being one of the most expensive areas in Europe, please have a look at list of estimated expenses for current items in order to establish your monthly budget. Thanks to your UPEC student card, you will beneficiate from reduced fares to cultural and leisure events.


Our Faculty can propose rooms in public student residences to international students. However, the accommodation capacities for international students are extremely limited in student residences in Paris region.

That is why we advise you to apply as much as you can for the private dormitories as for example:

You can also find a room or a flat owned by a private landlord by having a look on the flat advertisements on:

A UPEC Officer in charge of accommodation related issues will provide you assistance, if needed.


As international student, you can enroll in any of the sport courses proposed at UPEC.

Other services

You are an international student and you wish to study at UPEC? Several services are at your disposal to help you.
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Learning French

UPEC Department of French Language and Culture (DELCIFE) proposes a wide range of French courses adapted to your level and your interest, both for exchange students and independent students. ECTS credits can be delivered upon completion of the French courses.

Students' associations

At UPEC, there are more than 40 students’ associations that will help you to meet other students in order to share passions and ideas or to organise student projects: thematic associations, cultural associations, sport associations, humanitarian and social associations, etc.

As international student, you will have the opportunity to enroll one of these associations.

The student association of UPEC Faculty of Science and Technology (STBDE on Facebook and on Twitter) and the association French life in Paris (Facebook: FLIP) can provide some help for your integration in France.

Don’t hesitate to download UPEC Welcome Guide for international Students!