Double degrees

Our double degree programmes allow our students to get an UPEC Diploma as well as a diploma delivered by one of our partner universities.

Bachelor's degree

BSc in Biology and Health Sciences
The students enrolled in this double degree programme can get the UPEC BSc Degree in Earth and Life Sciences specializing in Biology and Health Sciences and the BSc in Applied Biology from the University of Applied Sciences in Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (HBRS). Courses are delivered in English during the mobility taking place during the third year of studies.

Master's degree

MSc in Environmental Sciences and Environmental Engineering
UPEC Faculty of Science and Technology and the University of Wuppertal (BUW) have developed this Master study programme that provides students with very strong skills and competences in the field of environmental engineering sciences. Courses are delivered in German at BUW during the first year of Master and in French and in English at UPEC during the second year of Master.

Accredited by the French-German University (DFH-UFA), the students can beneficiate from additional scholarships during the mobility.

MSc in Chemistry and MSc in Materials Science
The students enrolled in the Master’s study programme in Chemistry and in Materials Science have the possibility to graduate from the Faculty of Science of the University of Sherbrooke, Canada, with the following degrees:
- MSc in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical chemistry
- MSc in nanomaterials and characterization of materials
Courses are delivered in French.

MSc in Integrative Biology and OMICs technologies
Reciprocal mobilities are foreseen between the Faculty of Medecine of the National and Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and UPEC Faculty of Sciences and Technology during the second year of Master’s. Students participating to this programme can get the UPEC Master’s degree in integrative Biology and OMICs technologies and UNAM in Medical, Ontological and Health Sciences.
Courses are delivered in Spanish, French and English.

• MSc SPACE in Earth Observation, Astrophysics and Satellite Technologies
This study programme is entirely taught in English at the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH).

MSc in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Cyber-Physics Systems
30% of the courses are delivered by UPEC Professors directly at the Lebanese University.
This Master’s programme being supported by the Francophone University Association, all the courses are held in French.