Faculty of science and technology : Master degrees

Applied Mathematics
- Analyses and Applications
- Finance
- Probabilities and New Data Statistics
- Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Computer Sciences
- Software Security

Optics, Images, Multimedia and Vision
- Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Cyber-Physic Systems (changer nom dans pdf)
- Distributed Systems and Data Science Technologies (changer le nom dans pdf)
- Signal and Medical Imaging (voir pour les parcours)
- International Biometrics

Mechanical Sciences
- Modeling and Simulation of Solid Mechanics
- Modeling and Simulation of Fluid Mechanics

Industrial Engineering
- Maintenance and industrial Risk Management
- Maintenance and Industrial Nuclear Risk Management
- Air Pollution Instrumentation

Material Sciences
- Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials
- Material Sciences for Sustainable Construction

- Functional Polymers
- Applied Molecular Physical-Chemistry
- Chemistry of Bioactive Molecules

Sciences and Technologies related to Agriculture, Nutrition and Environmental issues
- Biological Engineering for the Environment
- Integrative Biology – OMICs technologies
- Analysis of Health Risks Related to Food


Environmental Sciences
- Atmospheric Sciences
- Aquatic Systems and Water Management
- Materials of Cultural Heritage in the Built Environment

Space sciences
- Earth Observation, Astrophysics and Satellite technologies